FOSHAN SHUNDE LECONG MENGSI FURNITURE FACTORY is a professional production of mattress and its supporting enterprise, enterprise after years of development, the scale unceasingly expands, remains true mattress products with makings fastidious, fine workmanship, supporting uniform, the quality of excellence.

       Dimengsi Furniture Brands:

       The company in line with the mattress you have me have, you have my new, your new how I, you many I cream, you I changed the the product development tenet, always pursue progress to the international modern enterprise image regulate their own behavior, use knowledge and perseverance of the development of the energy accumulation, with diligence and wisdom of condensed development strength and high technology, high quality, high level of input and build market, sets up the model of mattress brand.

       The company mattress with first class quality, excellent reputation and perfect service won the praise of users and trust, the product sell like hot cakes, has the high market share, remains true brand already more and more the people that are identified, excellent growth performance obvious in the retail and hotel customers growing.

       The company aims to the strict management, the mattress innovate, to provide customers with more quality products and services, let all remains true mattress into thousands of families, is we have been the pursuit of the goal.

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